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Become an A&R Ambassador
West Division

Our A&R Program gives you a unique opportunity to support your social music scene and help artists from your network.

What is an A&R Ambassador?

A&R stands for 'Artist and Repertoire'. A&R is usually associated with music. ​Music companies have A&R representatives that discover new emerging artists.

A&R has evolved in the digital age. Our A&R reps engage with independent artists and act as ambassadors for West Division. The A&R role is open to people and organizations who are involved with music.


If you have a growing network
in the social music scene,
apply to be an A&R Ambassador

Start recruiting for the fastest growing music startup in the Industry.

Recording studios: Show your clients how they can release the tracks they cut in your studio.

Label owners: You can't work with every artist, but now you can show them how to release their own music.

Social media personalities: Recommend us to the music makers in your audience to help them spread their work.

Music shops: Let your customers know how they can get their music out of their basement studios and into the world.

Entrepreneurs: Help new artists connect with us to distribute and promote their music and make a substantial commission as your roster grows.

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