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How Does Sync
Licensing Work?


Stay In Full Control
of Your Music

We only represent and collect money for music licensing. You can still get signed by a label, control your music on Spotify, Apple Music & more and keep all the streaming revenues from those outlets.

Non Exclusive Representation

West Division's music licensing services are non-exclusive (meaning you can work with other agencies too!)
If you have an exclusive deal with another company, you can not sign a non-exclusive agreement with West Division. If you have a non-exclusive deal with another sync company there shouldn’t be any problems.


However, the YouTube and Facebook Monetization portion of our Licensing program IS EXCLUSIVE, so you need to make sure that you haven’t granted those particular rights to anyone else. 


Distribution to Licensing

We only represent music that is exclusively distributed with West Division. Once your tracks are fully delivered to our retail partners, you will then need to apply for sync representation in your artist account.


Our A&R team will review and select the best tracks from your repertoire that we believe will attract our licensing partners. (Please be patient as it may take up to 21 days to receive an initial email regarding sync licensing).


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