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West Division Sync Department

West Division Sync is a full-service sync licensing agency and a division of West Division Music. Based in Texas, we represent a highly-curated roster of emerging artists, record labels and producers for easy-clear sync licensing.

What We Do

One-Stop Licensing

Our catalog is fully pre-cleared for “one-stop” sync licensing. This means that we represent all the rights holders, enabling us to quickly and efficiently license your music with zero hassle.

West Division Library

Our complete catalog featuring hundreds of the best emerging  artists in the world is available on Source Audio Libraries. Available to a wide network of the top music supervisors in the industry.

Sync Representation Application

Thank you for your interest in working with West Division Sync.  Representation is exclusively open to artists that distribute their music with West Division. To transfer your releases to West Division, please see instructions. Our A&R team will evaluate all the information in your application to make a decision as to whether you’re a right fit for our roster.

Does your music contain licensed beats purchased on a marketplace such as BeatStars?
Are you currently represented by another sync licensing agency?
Is your music distributed with West Division
Do you control 100% of the publishing and master rights to the songs you would like us to represent?

Thank you for applying for sync representation! Our A&R staff will review your application and your music repertoire. Please be patient, our staff is very busy. We'll be in touch with you soon. 

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